Lisa McGee, Nia

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Nia Black Belt

I love life.  I love people.  I’m adventurous, joyful, and encouraging.  For most of my life I’ve been unaware of my body’s intelligence, its sensations, and the simple joy of movement.  Through Nia I discover the body’s way, my body’s way, have fun, grow, heal, get a workout, and transform!  It’s so cool that I’ve re­gained flexibility I lost from a spinal fusion.  Never before have I been more physically fit nor experienced a greater integration of my body, mind, spirit, and emotions than now!!!  Thanks Nia for that gift!!!!  Through going to Nia classes, taking 5 training classes, becoming a blue belt, and teaching I am having a blast. Hoping you will come and take a class with me. My teaching style is playful, inviting, encouraging, informational and fun. I believe that we are all students and all teachers.  We all have something to learn and we are always modeling something to someone.  Look forward to meeting you!!!

Tuesday 4:30pm Nia with Community, $5