Nia FreeDance

1230006_165479066975269_257505598_nTuesday at 6pm with Kate Latimer • Friday at 7:15pm with David Anthony ($7 Happy Hour ) • Sunday at 10:15am with Diana Cale Kennedy

Nia FreeDance is a barefoot 60-minute movement class designed to awaken the artist within and to stimulate an individual’s Art of Conscious Dance.

Guided by a trained and certified Nia FreeDance Teacher, participants explore their own movement in their own way and in their own time. Participants dance to soul-stirring music, eclectic sonic landscapes that provide cellular resonance to evoke self-expression, and unleash movement creativity. The 4 parts of Nia FreeDance explore the integration of body, emotion, mind and spirit through a unique focus for each Nia FreeDance experience.

This class is open to every Body. No previous experience necessary.