Somatic Movement Integration

kamalaThursday 10:30am

Discover the Magic of Somatics…based on the work of Thomas Hanna and
Moshe Feldenkrais, these are sequences of specialized movement patterns (experienced mostly lying down) that re-educate chronically contracted muscles, developing new neural pathways in the brain for flexible, pain free expression,  literally re-wiring the central nervous system and realigning the spine.

The whole body is toned, strengthened and revitalized with a fine-tuned awareness of sensation and breath. These micro-movements are practiced slowly, and softly, encouraging an unwinding of pain, tension, and trauma from injuries, surgery, repetitive movements, illness, overdoing, and mental/emotional stress.

If you are a Yogi, martial artist, dancer, an athlete, or suffering from chronic debilitating
illness or pain, you will benefit; dispelling the myth of aging and loss of neuro-muscular function. Experience the magic!

Kamala Fordham is a certified instructor in Jin Shin Jyutzu, Tai Chi, Qigono, Yoga, and has facilitated many breathwork and meditation experiences. With over 30 years of experience as a movement specialist, Kamala has honed her skills and earned referals
from healing professionals, MD’s, and physical therapists.