Nia FreeDance Training

March 23 & 24, 2019 with Adelle Brewer & Joanie Brooks. REGISTER HERE!

FreeDance GraphicRooted in the 8-Stages of FreeDance and the synergistic combination of music, movement, and sensation, Nia FreeDance Teacher Training will teach you how to craft and guide a Nia FreeDance experience.

The intent of Nia FreeDance is stimulating people’s uniqueness, creativity, and self-expression using movement form and freedom. Through practice and somatic guidance, students learn the Nia art of conscious dance.

Nia FreeDance Teacher Training provides the knowledge and skills to successfully engage people in a conscious dance experience. Drawing on White and Blue Belt principles, as a Nia DJ leader you will learn to coach sensory-based creativity using music, movement, sound, and verbal guidance.