Daniel Quat Photo Exhibition


© Daniel Quat Photography

“Vulnerability, Beauty and Empowerment” A digital exhibition of intimate photography by Daniel Quat

One night only! Saturday August 3, 8-10pm, Suggested $5 Donation

8pm Slide Presentation • Q & A with models to follow • Refreshments served (due to the Adult content, no one under 21 will be permitted)

Photographer’s Statement: “Capturing the essence of my subjects”

When someone comes before my camera, they sometimes feel a bit apprehensive and vulnerable at not only being seen but also at not being in control of what the camera or photographer captures. My work includes being sensitive to those feelings–whether fear or joy and reassuring them with a safe accepting presence. As music plays, they begin to relax, and the photography begins.  Many of my subjects are dancers or teachers. Some are professional models who are very comfortable posing nude in front of the camera. Most are ordinary people not accustomed to being photographed, let alone being photographed without the ‘protection of clothing’. Some have suffered traumas like breast cancer or sexual abuse and many have shame issues about their bodies, especially as they age. The shoot offers them an opening to healing by seeing themselves as beautiful and whole. 

All images in this exhibit are shown with the complete knowledge and permission of the subjects. The Q & A conversation will venture into areas about body shame and consent.