Lis Addison Events

lisaddisonFriday, September 14

5:45pm Nia Jam with music by Lis, $5

6:45-8pm Live Sound Bath & Song Circle, $20
Join Lis as she brings the energy of the jam down to a very relaxed place, weaving live instruments  and subtle electronic soundscapes into a song circle and sound healing bath to calm the mind and body and encourage a meditative state.

Saturday, September 15

11:30am Classic Nia class led by Kelle with new routine music by Lis who will be singing live vocals.

1-4pm Kinetic Voice (KiVo), $45, “Social Synchrony and the Dance-Song.”
KiVo includes vocalizations, singing and chanting combined with simple movements, rhythmic clapping and interactive group play to build social cohesion and cooperation. There is no judgement in the KiVo Circle. As we engage in simple sounds and movements, our minds start to unlock into a meditative and playful state liberating us from the thoughts and behavior patterns that can run our lives, guiding us instead to our inner voice of wisdom. KiVo will help clear stuck energy, tension and emotional knots, liberate the wise voice within, unlock your true potential, voice your vision and value, and harness the power of the voice and body to transform, heal and purify.

Sunday, September 16

11:30am Move IT class led by Kelle with new routine music.