Making Contact

A Group Process for Couples with Amina Re (Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Massage Therapist)

February 9-11, 2018 • $225 per couple
Friday, 7-9:30 • Saturday & Sunday, 1-4pm

MakingcontactDeepen your ability to connect with yourself and your partner
(romantic or friendship) in a gentle, safe, and playful environment. Through movement, touch and expressive arts you will explore profound and subtle states of awareness and connection. We will work with the principles of contact improvisational dance to discover and play with “dance” as metaphor for relational dynamics. Explore leading and following, maintaining balance in motion, weight sharing, mirroring, and co-creation of new ways of relating. You and your partner will register for the group together with the intention to explore your relationship. LGBQTI friendly. No dance or artistic experience is necessary. Please bring a large drawing pad, drawing utensils, and journals for each of you. Please wear soft, loose fitting, comfortable clothes.

For more information contact Amina at: or 410.507.4126