Men of Nia

October 19-21, 2018
A weekend of Nia led by Men & open to Everybody

9am • Nia • Blue Earth with Jag • $14

Noon • Nia • Sexi with Steve Alldredge • $14

5:45pm • Men of Nia Opening Jam • $5

9am • Nia • I Like It Like That! with Tony Cat Buscemi • $14

10:15am • Nia • Motown Motion Lotion (Dancing In The Street) with David Merritt • $14

1-3:30pm • Playshop • Engaging the Body & Mind with Nia Choreography • $40
Join Jag, Mark Frossard, and David Merritt as they take you behind-the-scenes of the routines they are presenting during Men of Nia this weekend! Learn how to
enliven your body and stimulate your mind by experiencing the tools used to craft body-centered choreography. This
afternoon playshop will give you insight into how a body of work is created to
support physical and mental conditioning, healing, and personalization.

4pm • Nia • Trans/Form with Mark Frossard • $14

9am • Nia • Spirit Bird with Jag • $14

10:15am • Nia FreeDance with Todd Morgan & Adelle Brewer • $14

1-3:30pm • Playshop • Playing with Emotions & Spirit In Your Nia Experience  • $40
Join Jag, Mark Frossard, and David Merritt as they invite you to bring emotional
expression and your unique spirit into your Nia classes! Experience how Nia is more than just a physical fitness class and can also be an outlet for stress release,
emotional well-being, and a celebration of your artist within.

4pm • Men of Nia Closing Jam • $5

Jams will feature:  Steve Alldredge, TonyCat, Mark Frossard, David Gallegos, Jag, Mark Griffith, Thomas Lehn, David Merritt, Todd Morgan, & Bill Rodriguez