The Core Workshop: Pelvis, Chest, Head

49286327_10156679026033145_2239338825069363200_nSunday, October 27, 2019, 2-4:30pm with Thomas Romano, $30

Learn to integrate your core into your Nia movement practice as well as deepening your understanding of each part’s anatomic function. In Nia, we identify three main core areas also called body weights: 1) The pelvis, which is used to contain energy and become the center of life force energy in our body (Chinese medicine, kidneys, regulate sexual energy). 2) The chest, which allows the energy to circulate through out our body from head to toe (lungs and heart/ oxygen and blood). 3) The head (brain) is the main tool that allows us to direct energy and channel it through different body parts (inside and out). We have 7 core moves in Nia: Pelvic Circles, Hip Bumps, Chest Isolation, Shimmy, Undulation, Spinal Roll and Head and Eye Movements. As these parts are separated and can be isolated, they are also very much interconnected. Together we will explore the art of isolating our three main core areas (pelvis, chest, head). This will allow us to bring more precision in our movement and therefore more energy which results in more fitness outcomes. The more precise we are, the more efficient we can be in our movement practice.