Teacher Mentoring

October 20-December 8, 2020
Tuesdays on Zoom, 1:30-2:45pm MDT
with Kelle Rae Oien
Nia Teacher Mentoring is a fun, empowering and practical way to receive weekly support, motivation and inspiration for your Nia classes, Nia community and for your body + life! Join our global Nia community and meet Nia teachers from around the world, share in collaborative learning and experience our collective genius. This 8-week module will focus on Flow State and the sensation of being fully alive! Learn how to create peak experiences on the dance floor whether you are a teacher or a student. Kelle will call on her 20 years of being a Nia Teacher and the Nia “Tool Belt” practices and principles to guide you. No experience necessary to join. You are invited to be in Beginner’s Mind. 
Kelle’s Tuesday 12:00 MOVE it class will act as a springboard for conversation and learning. Feel free to do both or Mentoring only. 
Classes will be recorded and sent to registered participants.
From Minna Alto,  Finland:
The mentoring classes with Kelle Rae Oien has been one of the absolute highlights of the year for me! Loving the energy of Studio Nia in Santa Fe in general, I was looking forward to getting support and inspiration to complete the Move It-post training – and got SO much more.
As a movement teacher Kelle is vibrantly genuine, fun and inclusive. As a mentor, she stands firmly rooted in years of somatic practices, generously shares her embodiment processes, learning curves and materials, all the while remaining open to continued learning and an inspiring dialogue herself.
I also really enjoyed the crowd Kelle attracts: sparkling, inquisitive movers, likewise unafraid to go deep – whether it’s about celebrating the miracle of the body and its workings, being emotionally present and vulnerable, or intricate thinking, unique in spirit.
I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to NiaNerd my Tuesdays away!
From KK Taylor, Texas
Learning from Kelle Rae Oien is pure Joy. You will receive more information than you came for, more creative movement than is imaginable, and ways to bring it all to the dance floor. Also, she is a master at playlists and willing to share. I walked away from each class with a wealth of knowledge and joy in my heart. You can count on me taking this class!