The Dance of Change

A Somatic Exploration of Staying In Our Center with Jennifer Lucero-Earle
Sunday, September 2, 1-3:30pm

$35 in advance • $40 day of

When we know how to dance with change, we are able to hold our center Wheel of Fortune_DruidCraft
as things in our lives rise and fall, expand and contract, and decay and grow. In the tarot, the Wheel of Fortune card is the archetype of the wheel of life. It represents the inevitable changes we will experience across our lifespan.During this ArcanaDance™ workshop we will use tarot, movement, meditation and music to explore ways we can stay centered amidst change, keep perspective, adjust and adapt, and exercise choice. It  is through the power of choice that we find peaceful empowerment amidst change. No tarot or movement experience required! Wear comfortable clothes to move in, your bare feet, water and if you have a tarot deck you love – bring it. Tarot decks will be provided for us during the workshop.

About ArcanaDance™:
ArcanaDance™, created by Jennifer Lucero-Earle, is the the tarot, embodied.
It is a fusion of tarot archetypes and movement that feels like dance therapy!
Using imagery, music and guided movement prompts, ArcanaDance™ makes
personal growth fun, empowering and transformative. Arcana is defined as a
secret. Dance is defined as movement to music. When fused together, ArcanaDance™ is defined as a secret that is revealed through movement. As a practice, it can shift your consciousness and empower you to embrace, take action and create the life you desire. It is a dynamic physical, emotional and spiritual experience that is not to be missed!